The Bay Academy

Schedule of Fees: 2024

Tuition Fees

Per YearPer Term10 Month
Jan to Oct
12 Month
Jan to Dec
Full Payment By
Pre SchoolR61,620R15,405R6,162R5,135R58,539
Junior PrimaryR65,940R16,485R6,594R5,495R62,643
Senior PrimaryR68,040R17,010R6,804R5,670R64,638
Middle Years
Grade 7-9
Grade 10R95,280R23,820R9,528R7,940R90,516
Grade 11R102,960R25,740R10,296R8,580R97,812
Grade 12R110,670R36,890R11,067Not AvailableR105,136

Additional Service Fees: Montessori Campus

Per YearPer Term10 Months
Jan to Oct
12 Months
Jan to Dec
After Care
14:30 - 17:00
Paid via Snapscan only

Non-refundable Enrolment Fees on Entry

AmountDue Date
NurseryR2,000Within two weeks of offer
Pre SchoolR3,000Within two weeks of offer
Primary - High SchoolR8,000Within two weeks of offer
Existing Students moving from Nursery to Pre-PrimaryR1,000Within two weeks of offer
Existing Students moving from Pre-Primary into PrimaryR8,000 LESS enrolment fee paid on entryWithin two weeks of offer

2024 Lunch (Available at an Additional Cost)

Per TermPer Year
Montessori CampusR2,400R9,600
High School CampusR2,550R10,200
Gluten Free LunchR2,970R11,880

Please Note:

  • Our terms of payment are strictly in advance annually, termly or monthly.
  • We offer a 5% discount if all the fees are paid annually in advance no later than 31st of January.
  • We offer a 5% sibling discount over both campuses
  • A full term’s notice of intent to leave the school, in writing, is required if the parent intends to remove the child from the school at any stage. If notice has not been given a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice and will be due, owing and payable by the parents of the child.
  • Please note that failure to pay school fees timeously can result in your child being suspended from the school until such time as the debt is cleared.
  • The Bay Academy school reserves the right to prohibit the return to school of a student should the account be in arrears
  • One calendar month notice is required in order to change billing options

Our Promise is to deliver:

Members of the Bay Academy Learning Community can be assured of benefiting from our unique offerings.

Low Teacher to Student ratios

In the Montessori Primary school, where Montessori teaching groups span 3 years of traditional school grades, the group is split into two classes and there is a Guide and Teaching assistant assigned to each group. In  the Middle School class sizes rarely exceed 18 students. In the high school there are 10 specialist subject teachers, with a maximum of a 18 to 1 ratio. This ensures personal support for each and every one of our students.

Online Learning Support: The Learning Portal

Leading the way in online, Virtual Learning Environments, (VLEs) The Bay Academy has, for the last 6 years perfected the use of VLEs to support learning; using technology to enhance, rather than replace classroom learning. This approach of the “Flipped Classroom” allows students to access all the learning resources before the lessons commence, allowing for processing, application and mastery to happen in the classroom with the teacher as a guide.

International Accreditation

Our Primary school is an accredited  member of South African Montessori Association, and our High School an accredited Center for Edexcel, the premier examination body in the UK, whose certifications are the gold standard of education and accepted by universities world wide.

Assesment FOR Learning

While the Montessori focus is on learning and avoids standardised testing, our students are prepared at an appropriate pace with the skills to sit formal examinations in the High School. However, even here our focus is on FORMATIVE assessments, where they are free to learn from their mistakes, rather than SUMMATIVE assessment OF learning. The enquiry based, experiential learning approach is fundamental to the Montessori philosophy, and continues into the International High School.

Parent Portal

Every parent can follow their child’s progress through our Parent’s Portal, where every observation, success, concern and individual learning plan is documented and available to see. In addition to this, high school parents can view the weekly learning objectives and assignments in order to support their child, and partner with us to ensure academic success. 

A true Community of Learning

Through our consistent, open and honest communication we encourage all the members of our community to join with us to enhance the learning experience of our students. Any member of our community with a particular expertise or experience is encouraged to share this with our students, allowing us to tap into a wealth of learning opportunities. 


Please see some answers to common questions below. If you have any further questions for us, please contact us HERE.

What is "Hybrid Learning"?

In the High School we use one of the most established and well-designed Virtual Learning Environments to support the most effective teaching methodologies. The “Flipped Classroom” is an approach whereby the students are provided with the Learning Objectives, Success Criteria and all the resources required to come prepared to the classroom. Here they process the information, acquire understanding through questioning, and attain mastery through application. This online resource also allows the student to catch up work missed through absence, and revise work for examinations.

What curricula does The Bay Academy Follow?

The Primary school is a member of the South African Montessori Association (SAMA), and all learning resources and programmes are fully approved by SAMA. The Middle School follow a bespoke curriculum based on the standards of the UK National KS3 curriculum, but enhanced by specialised subject areas inspired by the Montessori approach and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The High School is an accredited Pearson Edexcel International Examination Centre – preparing students for the International GCSE and AS Level examinations; recognised by both local and international universities. 

Are extra murals compulsory?

No, although we encourage participation in our Extramural Programme. Physical education is a separate, compulsory part of our curriculum. The wide variety of extramural activities on offer, are either free as part of tuition fees, or provided by approved external service providers who are paid directly and will invoice you separately. 

How many children are in a class?

Class sizes vary according to the phase of their learning journey. 
the following is a guide to the student to teacher ratio
Our Toddler Class 6:1
Or Pre Primary classes 10:1
Primary Classes 15:1
Middle School 18:1
High School 18:1


Do you offer a school uniform?

No, there is no school uniform. Students may wear appropriate clothing that respects the expectations of what should be worn in a school.