Teaching and Learning at The Bay Academy International High School


The Bay Academy is a registered school of Pearson Edexcel, a UK Accreditation Board. We offer the International GCSE and International Advanced Subsidiary Level Examinations. In addition we are the first school in Southern Africa to be accredited to offer the BTEC vocational courses of Land Based Studeis and Enterprise. These qualifications are fully recognised by Universities in South Africa and world wide. The Academy’s  programmes seek to inspire students’ love of learning and develop the skills needed to make a meaningful contribution to society.

International Middle Years Programme

Grades 7, 8 and 9

The Middle Years provide the foundation for success for International GCSE and A Level and indeed life after school. The curriculum is based on the concepts of Project Based and Experiential Learning, inspired by Maria Montessori’s Erdkinder ideals but assessed using clear academic Learning Objectives and Success Criteria . 

Although taught in distinct subject areas, the curriculum includes elements of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Environmental Awareness and Character Education throughout:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Language (Afrikaans OR Spanish)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art and Design
  • Physical Education

International GCSE (Grades 10 and 11)

Choose 7 or 8 SUBJECTS
Highlighted subjects are compulsory
Choose ONE subject from each row

1 English First Language
2 Afrikaans Second Language* External Exam only Spanish Second Language* External Exam only
3 Mathematics
* Required for most University courses.
* Required for AS Chemistry, Physics, Business and Computer Studies at AS Level
OPTIONS (2023)
4 Biology History
5 Computer Studies Geography
6 Chemistry Business
7 Physics Religious
8 Art Environmental Management * External Exam only
9 BTEC: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 

*ALL exams written in May session

* A minimum C (4) grade is required for Matric Exemption and to continue ANY subject into AS Level. A minimum B (5) grade is required to continue MATHS, CHEMISTRY or PHYSICS into AS Level

* English Literature is integrated into Language teaching, but not available as a separate subject.

AS Level (Grade 12)

Highlighted subjects are compulsory.
(Min IGCSE Grade of “5” required to continue Maths, Chemistry or Physics into AS Level; a min International GCSE Grade of “4” required for all other subjects).
Choose ONE subject from each row.

Examination are held in either November unless specified as held in  May.

1 English First Language* May Exam session only
2 Afrikaans Second Language (AS Level)* External Exam only Spanish Second Language (AS Level) * External Exam only
3 Mathematics (AS Level)
4 Biology (AS Level) History (AS Level)
5 Information Technology (AS Level)* May Exam session only Geography* May exam session only
6 Chemistry (AS Level) Business Studies (AS Level)
7 Physics (AS Level) Religious studies* May Exam session only
8 Art and Design (A LEVEL)* May Exam session only
A minimum “4” grade for International GCSE Mathematics is required if a student wishes to offer AS Level Business for Matric Exemption. A minimum of 3 students for a subject is required to offer the subject at AS Level

A Levels (Grade 13 / Post Matric)

A Levels are offered for UK and European University Entrance Requirements on request.

*A minimum of 3 students for a subject is required to offer the subject at A Level