The Bay Academy

Pearson Examinations

The Bay Academy is a registered examination centre for

Pearson Edexcel candidates in the Western Cape.


The Bay Academy accepts candidates who wish to

write their International GCSE examinations

as well as IAL examinations in May and October.



Entry Procedure


1.     Private candidates will be required to upload their birth certificate/ID

        and a head and shoulders photo of themselves.


2.     Complete and submit the online application form


It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure all information is correct as

The Bay Academy will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions


3.      A provisional Statement of Entry will be sent to the candidate to check that all personal

         details as well as entries are correct


4.     Once confirmation is received that the Provisional Statement of Entry is correct,

         the candidate will receive an invoice


5.     Payment must be made by the due date before the entry will be submitted to Pearson Edexcel


Online Entry Form

Examination Fees and Deadline Dates

International GCSE May 2024 Timetable

International A Level May 2024 Timetable