Our mission is to develop content, independent, tenacious, and brave young adults, equipped with the skills required to make a positive contribution to a just, fair, and ecologically sustainable society.

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Our child-centred Montessori philosophy and curriculum will nurture your child’s love of learning and inspire and the excellence inherent in your child.

Primary School

We meet your child’s individual needs while simultaneously creating an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and group participation through the involvement of parents and unique child-centred activities.

High School

We continue Maria Montessori’s vision of education in the high school. All students feel the uninterrupted flow as they begin to acquire more complex knowledge, adult responsibilities, and independence as they move from the Primary to the High School.

Our Vision:

To be a World Class Montessori School. To partner with parents to prepare your children for life. To provide the highest quality learning environments. To discover and develop the unique potential in every child.

The Learning Journey

Set over two campuses, the Bay Academy student is privileged to have one of the most beautiful, natural, and well-designed learning environments available. Starting in Preschool, moving through to Junior and Senior Primary on the Primary Campus; onto Middle School and High School on the Senior Campus, a Bay Academy Student can be safe and secure in the knowledge that the same care and challenge will flow from class-to-class, building trust and self-confidence at every stage of their learning journey.

High School Campus

186 Valley Road, Hout Bay
Cape Town, 7806

Primary School Campus

Anne Marie Farm, Erf 4078 Main Road, Hout Bay
Cape Town, 7806

Phone & Email

021 791 0886

General Info

Principal: Daniel Landi – BSc, PGCE, MEd

Grade Levels: R-12

Non-Discrimination Policy

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About Us

The Bay Academy is the marriage of three schools, each alike in outlook and vision and with their own history; The Hout Bay Montessori, My Montessori Eco School and The Academy Hout Bay.

We are now an all-through school, encompassing a Montessori Primary School and an International High School. The seamless transition between which is managed by a Montessori-inspired Middle School curriculum.

The term Montessori embodies both a philosophy and a method of education. It is based on the life work of Dr. Maria Montessori, a noted Italian educator and physician (1870 – 1952), who revolutionized early education by advocating that children be allowed the freedom to explore and develop their own creative potential through a wealth of self-teaching educational materials.

Montessori operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Every programme has its set of ground rules which differs from age to age, but is always based on core Montessori beliefs: respect for each other and for the environment.
Montessori programmes focus on the development of each child’s full potential using teachers specially trained in the Montessori method and philosophy, using both concrete teaching materials and a well-defined innovative curriculum tailored to a three-year cycle: Pre-Primary, Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Middle School, and High School.

Set across two beautiful bespoke campuses in the Hout Bay valley, we let nature be our learning environment and design our classrooms with the student in mind producing the most effective learning environment possible. 

We understand that the Victorian industrial model of education is ineffective and outdated and people should not be judged, or be allowed to judge themselves by their success or failure within the narrow confines of this paradigm. We can do this by offering them the educational experience of working within a flow that ensures they are constantly challenged. An experience where teachers are seen as positive role models, and in which the physical and mental environment all support his undeniable truth:

Happy students are better learners and will become young adults that are independent, creative, open-minded, principled and brave.