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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your schools values?

We value the child as a whole – and as an individual.  In a world of increasing complexity and change, Montessori remains a time-tested, progressive approach to education that cultivates independent and capable individuals with the requisite life skills to navigate change. 
We value the families in our school.  We function as a resource centre linking children, staff parents and the local community to pioneering thinking and practices within a global community.  Similarly we value and draw on the resourcefulness of each member of this system to collaborate and create towards our highest potential.
We value a pure Montessori environment.  Our immediate environment is designed and prepared according to Montessori principles encouraging self-directed, tactile and movement based learning.  Classes are maintained to an ideal size of the social empowerment of each child.
We value the natural environment.  We embody and promote a symbiotic relationship with the environment, respecting and working with the innate wisdom and rhythms of nature and within the realities of the social environment.  Cultural life at the school reflects the cultural celebrations and practices from near and far.​

What extra-mural activities are offered?

A great variety of extra-mural activities are offered, specific to each of the Pre-Primary, Primary and High Schools respectively. There are described in more detail in each of the dedicated sections.  

Are elementary teachers trained?

Yes, all staff of The Bay Academy are trained to perform their roles expertly, and have degrees in higher education, post graduate degrees as required and appropriate.

Is homework assigned?

No, not in Pre-Primary, or the Primary School. However, in the Middle and High Schools some preparation for lessons and examinations is required, but this is not considered “Homework” in the traditional sense. 

How much physical activity do the children get per day?

The obvious advantage of such spacious campuses allow for constant movement for all age groups. Physical education is an essential part of the Middle School curriculum, provided for by professional trainers.