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Our Mission

Who we are

Our mission at The Bay Academy is to provide quality education through the Pearson International Curriculum that meets the individual needs of each student. They are entering a rapidly changing world, and the knowledge they acquire today is different from the skills they will need when they leave school. Therefore learning how to learn, be creative, experiment, communicate, disseminate, take responsibility, work together, exchange and respectfully discuss opinions are some of the competencies we seek to develop. The teacher is responsible for understanding the student’s individual learning needs and supporting them. The focus is on their learning process.


The principles of “EDUCERE” (Latin: To draw out from within”) means to open a whole new world of possibilities by creating environments and situations in which abilities are developed, knowledge created, the world is interpreted in a unique way, and full potential as a human being is realised.

The Bay Academy High School, which follows the curriculum of Pearson International, is the perfect development from the pure Montessori Primary school, where students continue to develop their critical thinking skills, adaptability, perseverance and independence in readiness for university and the work place.

We hold steadfast in our vision and take pride in the young adults that leave us to continue their life’s journey as best equipped for success and happiness as we can help them to be.

A Message From

The Principal

I do sincerely believe that The Bay Academy offers a unique opportunity for students to learn through innovative and inquiry driven approaches. Having experience of teaching and leading schools that offer a variety of curricula, I am an ardent supporter of the current Pearson International Curriculum that the school teaches through a flipped hybrid classroom. I have proudly witnessed students taking joint ownership of their learning journey and consequently, developing valuable skills, knowledge and experiences that endow them for an ever-changing world.  Every day when I enter the creative classroom layout design and observe bespoke teaching, I perceive the nurturing of the natural curiosity in each child. As you may imagine, this in turn, leads to motivated students who deliver work to the very best of their ability.  The students and I appreciate the beautiful campus that we are privileged to work in and the sincere care and support provided by the dedicated and passionate team of teachers.

The High School Campus

An environment which feeds your soul

We believe that school should be a place where students are excited to go. We aspire to create an environment which feeds your soul and energy because you learn and develop there, because it’s a place that you are passionate about. A place where time flies.

The 10 000 sqm of pristine natural environment along the banks of the Disa River, provides a rich learning canvas for subjects like Biology, Environmental Management and Science. Students apply their subjects experimentally in these surrounds by analysing soil, weather and aspects of the Hout Bay river.  The flow from the classrooms into nature provide not only outdoor “classrooms” , but a sense tranquility facilitates all learning.


Learn Without Limits

Continuing the Journey: The Uninterrupted Flow

As they leave Primary school, the child moves from “the Great Lessons” of childhood to Adolescence. Here they focus on Languages, Literacy and Communication, Mathematics and Numeracy, Environmental and Physical Sciences, Humanities and Sociology, Art and Design, Physical and Emotional development and Character and Ethical development. Here opportunities for “Vertical Teaching” or mixed age teaching are retained wherever possible through Drama, Physical Education and Environmental Education.

Although Maria Montessori never envisaged formal, summative assessments as part of her philosophy, they are a cold hard reality of 21st Century Education. The students are slowly introduced to the concept of Assessment FOR Learning, not just the observational Assessment OF Learning. Although teachers continue in their roles as defined by the Montessori method and the Ethos of the Bay Academy, they begin to share more of the Learning Objectives and Success Criteria with the students, allowing them more awareness of their own progress and outcomes.

The Bay Academy’s Virtual Learning Environment.

The flipped classroom is a concept for teaching and learning that best brings the Montessori Philosophy of developing independence, together with the most current models of teaching with the brain in mind.

Using cutting-edge Virtual Learning Platforms, the students are provided with their whole curriculum; from Learning Objectives and Success Criteria, to Learning resources and visual aids. Thus, the student engages with the material BEFORE the lesson and the time with the teacher is spent processing the information, accruing understanding and gaining mastery of the concepts.

This also allows us to flip to distance learning if COVID regulations require it. We have not missed a single day’s school since the first lockdown of the pandemic.

The International Middle Years Programme:

Through the “International Middle Years Programme” Grades 7-9; the child continues incrementally and consistently to develop their focus into even more compartmentalised subject areas. By the time they leave Middle School they will have become proficient at separating their focus into English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Environmental Management, Art and Design, Spanish or Afrikaans as well as Drama and Physical Education.

However, the most important skill they have developed in Middle School is how to communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.

They are ready to “Graduate” from Middle school when they are ready to present themselves to their teachers in their chosen seven specialist subjects, and convince them of their aptitude, passion, and motivation to continue to study in their chosen fields.

The Final Product

As they enter High School, their Middle School journey has not only equipped them with the ability and confidence to choose, but the understanding to make the right choice of the seven subjects in which to specialise. Here the development of Information Literacy, Study skills and Examination Skills continues in preparation for the International General Certificates of Education. These are recognised worldwide as the Gold Standard of High School accreditation, and the ultimate golden ticket to a world of opportunities and any University of their choice, either locally or Internationally. Students who complete their studies with us are not judged by the grades of their exams, but by the evidence of their character. They will be either welcomed by the finest Universities in the world or be equipped to make their own way in the world.

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Extra murals


Students are encouraged to partake in the Enrichment Programme while attending The Bay Academy.

As we are a small school we have chosen to focus on individual sports: Open Water Swimming, Trail Running, Squash and Muay Thai.

The Bay Academy is proud to host Savage Muay Thai, one of the first school-based Muay Thai clubs in South Africa.

Jarred Rothwell is a world champion and five times South African champion with over fifteen years inside the ring, as well as four years alongside the ring as the national coach of the junior South African team aged twelve to seventeen.

To Jarred, martial arts is more than just fitness, it’s a way of life. Living in Thailand for nine years he absorbed the culture, the art and the humbleness that comes along with it. The self-confidence you obtain, the ability to protect yourself and others and, the courage to walk away from negative peer pressure are all part of his teaching.

He is passionate of the art and would love to share his knowledge to the youth so that they can also reap the benefits as he has.

TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

COST: R1500 per term (18 sessions)

Recreational squash is offered to those who want to learn the game or improve their playing. Training takes place at the Llandudno Sports Club (LSC). Non-marking soles and racquet required. Transport to LSC provided.

TIMES: Monday: 3:30pm-4:45 pm

COST: R500 per term (9 sessions)

Ricardo Vasapolli is a keen runner and has started a small but dedicated running club. Students enjoy a mixture of road running and trail running, either on our campus track or through Oranjekloof valley behind the school.

TIMES: Friday 3pm to 4:30pm

COST: Free

“The Lemon Tree”

Sharon Moller, the Head of English  runs the High School Journalism club. The club produces The Bay Academy Newspaper and is actively involved in the social media space on behalf of the Academy.

TIME: Monday: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

COST: Free

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What Parents and Students are Saying

“Thanks Dan for all the splendid work you and your team has done/are doing. As a parent, very much appreciated.

I am so pleased Alice decided on (with our support) The Bay Academy as her school of first choice.”

David: Parent

Max LOVES the Bay Academy and we could not be happier with our choice of high school!!
He loves the inspiring teachers, the beautiful classrooms, your motivational speeches and his wonderful classmates. I have been advising everybody to send their child to your beautiful and innovative creation.

Keep going, you are doing an amazing job!!!.”

San: Parent

“The Bay Academy is probably the best school I have ever attended, the school constantly pushes me to be the best version of myself. This school strives to constantly keep me engaged but also independent. I wish everyone could experience waking up excited to go to school like I am.”

Naomi: Student